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OSHA aims to reduce injury rate for landscape workers in Alabama

The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is calling attention to the many dangers present in landscape work. The federal agency is aiming these efforts specifically at Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. In these states alone, the agency reports 64 work related deaths between 2012 and 2016.

Alabama auto parts plants pose significant danger to workers

The auto parts industry in Alabama puts 26,000 people to work. While this benefits the economy, the cost to some workers has been cruel. Too often, safety violations in these plants result in devastating injuries. Workers have been crushed, burned and entrapped by machines, dismembered by machines and burned by falling into acid.

Alabama pipeline explosion highlights dangers of gas and oil work

On October 31, an explosion at the Colonial Pipeline in Shelby County killed one worker and injured nine others. This tragic accident is just one more reminder that workers in the oil and gas industry face grave dangers every day.

Most common OSHA violations -- protect yourself on the job

How dangerous is your job? All occupations have risks. However, if you perform physical labor, work with machinery, work with chemicals or work at elevated heights, you are at increased risk for serious injuries on the job.

Truck driving: a surprisingly dangerous job

We know that trucking accidents create serious potential for injury for other drivers on the road. And, of course, the drivers are at risk for injury in these accidents as well. What we often don't think about is how the nature of the job is dangerous, even when there is no accident.

Poultry and meat processing workers face serious dangers every day

All manufacturing jobs have risks, and meat and poultry plants are no exception. Alabama is home to numerous poultry and meat processing plants, and while the jobs typically provide decent wages, they are dangerous.

Alabama workers' comp pays lower benefits; third-party compensation can help

Injured workers in Alabama may receive the lowest workers' compensation benefits in the country, depending on their specific injury. Workers who suffer an amputation or lose permanent use of a part of the body typically qualify for permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits under workers' comp. Alabama's workers' comp permanent partial disability benefits pay the least amount of any state.

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