Premises Liability Cases

Personal Injury – Jefferson County, Alabama

A case that lasted 10 long years finally settled. Trudy Roy was injured in 2006 when a motorcycle operated by a Homewood police officer collided with her while she was crossing the street. Rip Andrews filed the case but then had to win several appeals at the Supreme Court of Alabama just to get it heard by a jury in a trial. In 2015, after the jury heard nearly two weeks of evidence about how Mrs. Roy got hurt while the police officer was providing a police escort for a charity parade, the jury awarded a verdict in the amount of $4 million in favor of the plaintiff. Unfortunately, by then Mrs. Roy had died from unrelated causes. The case was continued by her son. There followed yet another appeal, and then this year, the case was ultimately resolved.

Trip-And-Fall – Jefferson County, Alabama

Jeff Rickard settled a case for a man who suffered serious and permanent injuries while hurt on-the-job in Bessemer. The heating and cooling technician was dispatched to repair an air conditioning unit at a fast food restaurant. While walking along the sidewalk in the back of the store, he tripped over two protruding bolts causing him to lose his balance and fall headfirst into an AC condensing unit. The suit claimed that both the property owner and the tenant failed to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition. Our client underwent complex three-level cervical surgery and multiple surgeries to his shoulder. He lives with pain daily and is under the care of a pain-management physician. He cannot return to work.

Burn Case – Confidential Settlement In Jefferson County, Alabama

David Marsh and Susan Silvernail settled a case on behalf of a young girl who suffered electrical burns while playing at a municipal soccer complex. The girl came into contact with an electrical transclosure, which was located next to a playground. The case centered on allegations that the young girl would not have been burned if the transclosure had been properly safeguarded. David and Susan developed evidence that showed that skilled electricians had been on-site numerous times before the little girl was hurt, but did not remedy the problem.

Wrongful Death Case – $10 Million Verdict In Jefferson County, Alabama

A Jefferson County jury held a motorcycle racing school accountable for the death of a female racing. In a case tried by David Marsh and Rip Andrews, the jury returned a verdict in the amount of $10 million in favor of the plaintiff.

The 33-year-old motorcyclist was killed while training on the Barber motorsports race track in Leeds, Alabama, on May 22, 2009. She was participating in an amateur event known as “Track Day” when a corner marshal ran onto the track into her path. The event was organized and run by Ed Bargy Racing, LLC, and the corner marshal worked for the Bargy company. He apparently ran onto the track to remove some debris, but the evidence showed that race control had ordered him to stay off the track until there was a break or a gap in the line of motorcyclists. David and Rip proved that the cardinal rule for all workers on and around the race track is “never enter a hot track without permission from race control.”

These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors. Furthermore, no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.