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What is elder abuse in Alabama?

In Alabama, it is often more important for the family of an elderly person to know what elder abuse is than it is for that person to know on his or her own. By the time they enter a nursing home and are subjected to direct abuse or nursing home neglect, things may have progressed to the point that they need their family members to step in and assist them. When this happens, it is important for those people to know about all of their specific rights and legal options.

Is elder abuse rampant in the United States?

Elder abuse is a real problem in Alabama and around the United States. Elder abuse is caused by people who hurt or create the risk of harm to vulnerable elderly adults. When considering the risk of harm, it doesn't matter if the harm was intended or not, it still constitutes elder abuse.

Alabama elder abuse statistics and information

Nursing home abuse, along with elder abuse, is a problem in Alabama. In fact, did you know that the Alabama Adult Protective Services investigated 5,125 reports of abuse in 2008. If you think that's bad, consider the statistics from the National Center on Elder Abuse. The administration states that nursing home abuse was found in 44 percent of patient cases when investigating 2,000 nursing home patients in the year 2000.

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