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FDA Warns Against Drug Mix-ups

The FDA is warning doctors, pharmacists and patients about how easy it is to mix up drugs that have similar brand names.  Specifically, the FDA reports there has been confusion between the antidepressant Brintellix and anti-blood clotting medication Brilinta that has resulted in the wrong medication being prescribed or dispensed.

The Effect of Tort Reform on the Care You Get in the Emergency Room

Over and over we hear that doctors are so afraid of being sued that they feel forced to practice "defensive medicine".  The implication is that doctors are so fearful they order unnecessary tests or unnecessary hospital admissions, thus raising health care costs for all of us.  And while many, including the Congressional Budget Office, have suggested that "some so-called defense medicine may be motivated less by liability concerns than by the income it generates for physicians", the notion that limits on physician liability are needed to protect the consumer from "defensive medicine" just won't go away.

Surgical Tool Unleashes Cancer on Women

Its called a power morcellator.  And its a surgical tool used in many hysterectomies going back to the 1990's.  it can make the surgery easier for both the doctor and the patient.  But the power morcellator appears to have a fatal flaw:  it can seed and spread cancer.  Very rapidly and very aggressively.

Debunking Medical Malpractice Myths

A new article in the business magazine Forbes debunks the notion that tort reform has led to fewer lawsuits against doctors, done anything to lower doctors' malpractice insurance premiums and most importantly, has contributed at all to patient safety.

Firemen do it. Football players do it. Shouldn't doctors do it, too?

Studies show at least one of every 10 doctors abuse drugs or alcohol during their careers.  Pilots, bus drivers, police officers and other people in safety-sensitive jobs are drug tested. Even Disney cast members are drug tested.  Shouldn't the doctor performing your open heart surgery be drug tested, too?

Medical Malpractice Payments Not Behind Soaring Medical Costs

If you are looking for what is behind rising health care costs, the answer is NOT to be found in medical malpractice lawsuits.  A new study by Public Citizen shows no correlation between medical malpractice payments and health care costs.  Since 2003, both the frequency of medical malpractice payments on behalf of doctors and the amount of money paid out have fallen every single year, according to the government's National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which tracks such payments.

Six Common Surgeries Often Done Unnecessarily

USA Today is reporting that there are at least six surgeries commonly done in this country that often do not need to be done.  Using federal data and independent studies, the newspaper concluded there are six surgeries that carry significant risks of being done without medical necessity. 

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