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U. of Alabama student dies in crash, and family sues

After a student in attendance at the University of Alabama died in a vehicle crash following a sporting event, her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit that targeted the other parties who allegedly caused the wreck. The deceased student, a 20-year-old from Roswell, Georgia, was severely injured in the Montgomery area when the pickup truck she was in was hit by a bus. According to investigators, the pickup truck may have attempted to turn in front of the bus in order to merge onto the interstate. After the bus hit the truck, the truck collided with a third vehicle. The lawsuit brought by the woman's family accuses the pickup truck's driver and its owner, who were also students at the University of Alabama, of negligence, gross negligence and wantonness. The suit also named the bus driver and the operating company as defendants, alleging that their lack of proper care directly led to the death.

Students taken to hospital after car and school bus collide

School zones are often congested and busy areas. Parents in cars, vans and trucks dropping off or picking up children, school buses and pedestrians make the streets around schools especially dangerous and greatly increase the likelihood that an accident will occur.

Alabama cheerleaders involved in accident after BCS championship

According to reports, a charter bus carrying the University of Alabama cheerleading squad was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident on its way home from the BCS championship game Tuesday night. The accident occurred in Montgomery and left a UA student in another vehicle seriously injured.

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