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Dangerous trend: Alabama ranks high on the list of cellphone use while driving

The dangers of distracted driving, including texting while driving, are well publicized. Unfortunately, too many people refuse to take the warnings seriously. In fact, a National Safety Council survey shows that 47 percent of drivers feel comfortable with their own texting and driving.

Will driver mode reduce cellphone use behind the wheel?

Distracted driving accidents continue to be a problem despite the safety warnings and laws that prohibit certain cellphone uses while driving. To combat this issue, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposes that cellphones come with a driver mode.

Survey points to unsettling truth: Many drivers just don't get it about distracted driving

Texting while driving is banned for all drivers in Alabama, but a survey released earlier this year suggests that drivers throughout the country are still not getting the message that using a handheld device while behind the wheel can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Simulator proves dangers associated with distracted driving

Every day across the nation and in state like Alabama, teen drivers are involved in car accidents. Many of these accidents are attributable to distracted driving behaviors like texting while driving. Despite the recently enacted ban in Alabama on texting while driving, many teen drivers continue to text while driving. Some teens near Birmingham recently experienced firsthand the many dangers associated with texting and driving.

Alabama teens prioritize texting over avoiding car accidents

What does it take for people to learn a lesson? For some people, lectures or campaign messages are enough. For others, a close call is enough to deter them from doing the same dangerous or illegal activity again.

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