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Man dies in explosion at workplace

A wrongful death lawsuit could be filed in a variety of situations including medical mistakes, product defects, nursing home abuse and motor vehicle accidents. They can also be filed following the death of an employee in a workplace accident. When a fatal workplace accident occurs, the family and loved ones of the person who perished are often understandably shocked and exploring legal actions may not be at the top of their list. Contacting a lawyer could make this process easier so that those left behind can grieve and deal with the tasks at hand. 

Wrongful death lawsuit may be filed following workplace death

Throughout the state of Alabama individuals work hard for a living. Those individuals get up and go to work each day expecting that they will safely return home at the end of their shift. While in many cases this is what happens, sadly there are occasions when workplace accidents occur that leave a worker injured. In the worst cases they may die. This was the unfortunate reality for an Alabama construction worker earlier this week.

Static stats on general aviation deaths bother NTSB official

There are many different ways a person can die. If the cause is due to natural events, the loss may be felt deeply, but the grief can be easier to work through. If the cause is the result of some accident and attributable to another person's negligence the anguish may be stronger, stymieing loved ones from understanding the options for pursuing compensation through a wrongful death action. That right can be protected by contacting an experienced attorney.

Wrongful death case draws attention to shooting in Alabama

After the recent incident involving Michael Brown, a black man, who was killed by a white officer in Missouri, another cop-on-civilian homicide has come up again into the news. The family of a white teen who was killed by a black officer in Alabama has been the center of controversy for some time, a Nov. 27 report shows.

Wrongful death claims in Alabama

A fatal accident can claim the life of a loved one on any day and at any moment in time. This is a reality that every Birmingham resident must face. While there is nothing that can be done to bring back a loved one lost in such a tragic event, in certain circumstances, legal avenues may be used to seek restitution and hold responsible parties liable for the loss in civil court.

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