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Citing neglect, lawsuit filed against nursing home

Many elderly individuals suffer from various physical and mental ailments that often require special care and attention that their loved ones are not able or equipped to provide. Seeking a safe place for their loved ones, family members trust nursing homes to provide for the care and safety of their loved ones. Sadly, incidents of accidents and injuries resulting from nursing home neglect occur with far too much frequency.

Nursing home neglect leads to amputation of man's leg

News related to the abuse and neglect of nursing home residents is always troubling. Oftentimes instances of nursing home neglect occur in nursing facilities that are poorly managed and understaffed. One man, who suffered the effects of nursing home neglect firsthand, recently filed a lawsuit citing reckless and willful neglect.

Fears around nursing home neglect and abuse warranted

As those of the baby boomer generation continue to age, a record number of people in the United States will need to seek long-term care options. As family members look into potential options, many admit to having fears related to nursing home neglect and abuse.

Lawsuit filed alleging understaffing lead to neglect

As Americans age, many do not have family members who are able to take them in and care for them on a full-time basis. Many families turn to nursing homes and assisted living facilities that employ trained professionals that are able to provide the round-the-clock care their loved ones need. Sadly, some nursing homes are poorly run and managed and problems like understaffing can sometimes lead to instances of nursing home neglect.

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