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Are cell phones causing a spike in traffic deaths?

A recent statistic bears some bad news: Traffic deaths in the United States rose over nine percent in the first three quarters of last year. The cause was not specifically identified. Given the ubiquitous nature of cell phones, however, it may be a smart bet to assume they played a role. 

Make it a safe Super Bowl Sunday

In addition to the 1.3 billion chicken wings Americans are estimated to consume at Super Bowl parties and bars this year, many people will consume alcohol -- and likely at higher rates than they normally do. Research by the company BACtrack shows that the average blood alcohol content (BAC) on Super Bowl Sunday is among the highest (.09 percent) of the year.

Is texting or using a cell phone while driving against the law?

According to data maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted drivers take the lives of at least 9 Americans and injure over 1,153 more every single day. Such statistics may be one reason that over two-thirds of drivers agree that distraction is a serious safety issue on America’s roads and highways.

Why is Alabama's car accident fatality rate higher than the national average?

For nine years -- 2003 through 2012 -- the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded the number of automobile accidents in Alabama and across the country, and the rate of auto-accident deaths in Alabama was nearly two times higher than the national average. But why?

Tips for motorcyclists to safely navigate traffic conditions

Drivers may owe a duty of care to others sharing the road, but even that mutual responsibility may not be enough to protect motorcyclists. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle collides with a larger motor vehicle, size often dictates the outcome. Even with a helmet, the risk of being thrown and suffering a head or brain injury is great.

Alabama alcohol-related crashes: Arrest follows serious crash

The potential consequences of drinking and driving are well-known. However, people still make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol, causing alcohol-related crashes. Unfortunately, a reckless decision such as this can leave other innocent people suffering the consequences. One man in Alabama was recently arrested after police said he caused an accident that injured four people.

Unsafe driving behaviors threaten Alabama's holiday shoppers

With the official kickoff of the holiday season upon us, some shoppers may find themselves defending against the unsafe habits of other drivers on Alabama's roads and highways. Unfortunately, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that negligent driving may result from more than just hurried shoppers battling traffic congestion.

Drive safely over the holidays. Alabama drivers are at increased risk for deadly car crashes.

With the upcoming holiday season, drivers should think about how to stay safe during their travels. Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration shows that people in Alabama are among the most likely in the country to be victims of deadly car accidents.

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