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Alabama airport sign collapses and kills 10-year-old

On March 22nd, a display at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport collapsed and killed a 10-year-old boy while injuring his mother and two siblings. The display that collapsed was part of a renovation taking place at the Alabama airport as the terminal underwent several updates aimed at making it more modern.

Lawyers seat jury in Jackson wrongful death case

Alabama residents who follow celebrity news may be interested to learn that a jury has been chosen in the case between Michael Jackson's mother and the company that sponsored what would have been the star's comeback tour. The complaint alleges that the company, AEG, negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray to treat Jackson without verifying his background, ultimately resulting in the singer's wrongful death in 2009. The doctor recently appealed his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

MRB Attorney Rip Andrews in Court for Widow of NASA Engineer

MRB attorney Rip Andrews argued in Madison County Circuit Court Friday that a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the widow of Marshall Space Flight Center engineer Darren Spurlock should be allowed to move forward to a jury. The lawsuit stems from a 2008 high speed police chase; the driver fleeing drug squad agents was traveling about 90 mph when she ran a red light and crashed into Spurlock, killing him.

U. of Alabama student dies in crash, and family sues

After a student in attendance at the University of Alabama died in a vehicle crash following a sporting event, her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit that targeted the other parties who allegedly caused the wreck. The deceased student, a 20-year-old from Roswell, Georgia, was severely injured in the Montgomery area when the pickup truck she was in was hit by a bus. According to investigators, the pickup truck may have attempted to turn in front of the bus in order to merge onto the interstate. After the bus hit the truck, the truck collided with a third vehicle. The lawsuit brought by the woman's family accuses the pickup truck's driver and its owner, who were also students at the University of Alabama, of negligence, gross negligence and wantonness. The suit also named the bus driver and the operating company as defendants, alleging that their lack of proper care directly led to the death.

Commercial fishing is a dangerous business

Alabama residents may know that commercial fishermen have the highest fatality rate of any job in the United States. Most of these deaths occur in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2010, there were 116 deaths for every 100,000 workers, and there were more than 500 wrongful death from 2000 to 2009. Sinking fishing vessels are the primary cause of these deaths. Approximately 33 percent of the deaths occurred when a person fell overboard. Of the remaining deaths, a large percentage were the result of entanglement with machinery on board the ship, such as the deck winches. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reports three winch-related injuries during each year of the nine year span studies. This number may be inaccurate because researchers believe that not all injuries were reported. 

University of South Alabama wrongful death suit dismissed

The University of South Alabama police headquarters was the scene of a fatal shooting following Mobile's annual BayFest celebration. The incident involved a campus police officer and a former Wetumpka High School student. Parents of the victim filed a wrongful death suit that has since been partially dismissed by the judge hearing the case. After two separate incidents where the student "assaulted two people in two vehicles," according to the police chief, the student attempted entry into the police station. Surveillance camera footage revealed the former student had removed all clothing and was sweating profusely. An officer approached, drew a 9mm and fatally shot the victim. At issue is the fact that the officer had other options available, including pepper spray and a baton.

Driver's actions called into question after fatal truck accident

At times while driving, it can be difficult to gauge the speed at which other vehicles are traveling. This is especially true when those vehicles are up ahead and traveling in the same direction. This is a major reason why it's so important for drivers of stalled motor vehicles to make sure to pull a stalled vehicle over to the far right shoulder of the road.

Family of woman killed in I-459 accident may file wrongful death claim

Drivers who choose to engage in reckless driving behaviors risk not only their life, but also those of everyone else on the road. A wrongful death that occurred last April was the topic of a recent hearing at which a man faced charges stemming from reckless driving and endangerment.

Alabama woman ejected from vehicle in crash dies

It's a proven fact; seatbelts save lives. Despite numerous public safety campaigns and laws mandating their use however, many Alabama drivers still fail to buckle up. A recent wrongful death serves as a solemn reminder to all Alabamans of the importance of wearing a seat belt while in a moving vehicle.

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