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Alabama woman faces elderly neglect and abuse charges

An Alabama Department of Human Resources worker was arrested and sent to Mobile Metro Jail on May 21st for the abuse and neglect of an elderly man who was in her care. The victim was the woman's 63-year-old disabled brother, who was reportedly found injured and suffering from malnutrition. The case is ongoing as new evidence is being compiled on the man and his caretaker.

Man seeks justice after mother dies in nursing home

Alabama residents with loved ones in elder care facilities may want to re-evaluate the quality of care provided by those facilities. The recent case of a South Carolina man's mother highlights how nursing home neglect and neglect are more rampant than one might think in the elder care industry. On May 7, 2012, after attempting to research clean and safe nursing homes, the man admitted his 90-year-old mother into a local home. The man had spent years taking care of his mother at home before concluding that he would no longer be able to continue providing in-home assistance. The decision to admit her was one of the hardest he has ever made, the man told local press. The decision is also one that the man regrets as his was found dead approximately six months after she entered the home.

Court hears case of $91.5 million nursing home verdict

Family members of Alabama nursing home residents are often concerned that their relatives may be victims of abuse or neglect. Seeing cases such as the recently decided nursing home neglect lawsuit that resulted in a $91.5 million verdict only heightens these fears. The case is currently headed to the West Virginia Supreme Court for review.

Instances of nursing home neglect and abuse increasing

In the United States, an estimated 1.5 million individuals currently reside in nursing homes. Many nursing home residents are elderly individuals who suffer from a variety of physical and mental ailments. Today, roughly 70 percent of these nursing home facilities are for-profit businesses, a fact that many contend is a major contributing factor to a rise in cases of nursing home neglect and abuse.

Nursing home sued in wrongful death lawsuit

Although we'd like to think that our loved ones are safe in nursing homes, the fact of the matter is that this isn't always the case. It's when we hear cases of serious injuries or, in the worst of cases, someone dies, that we realize that negligence such as this will continue to happen if the guilty parties are not held responsible for their actions.

Did neglect lead to resident's death outside nursing home?

A 94-year-old woman remembered for her deep devotion to her church, friends and family died recently when the wheelchair in which she was sitting rolled down a hill. The accident which occurred outside of a nursing home where the woman was a resident is currently under investigation and has raised questions related to nursing home neglect and negligence.

Alabaster nursing home under increased watch after video; firings

Nursing homes are an integral part of our healthcare system in Alabama and the rest of the country. When we place loved ones in the care of these facilities, we rightly expect that they will be getting the best care possible, free of risks from malnutrition, infections or physical assaults.

Citing neglect, lawsuit filed against nursing home

Many elderly individuals suffer from various physical and mental ailments that often require special care and attention that their loved ones are not able or equipped to provide. Seeking a safe place for their loved ones, family members trust nursing homes to provide for the care and safety of their loved ones. Sadly, incidents of accidents and injuries resulting from nursing home neglect occur with far too much frequency.

Nursing home neglect leads to amputation of man's leg

News related to the abuse and neglect of nursing home residents is always troubling. Oftentimes instances of nursing home neglect occur in nursing facilities that are poorly managed and understaffed. One man, who suffered the effects of nursing home neglect firsthand, recently filed a lawsuit citing reckless and willful neglect.

Fears around nursing home neglect and abuse warranted

As those of the baby boomer generation continue to age, a record number of people in the United States will need to seek long-term care options. As family members look into potential options, many admit to having fears related to nursing home neglect and abuse.

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