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Following a brain injury the recovery can be long

Brain injuries can occur as a result of many different things. While sometimes the injury is nobody’s fault, other times another person can be blamed. Regardless of how the injury is incurred, the results can be devastating. One man recently shared his experience recovering from a brain injury on National Public Radio.

How severity of brain injury is measured

It is fair to say that no one ever wants to be seriously hurt. Perhaps one of the worst that someone in the state of Alabama could face is a brain injury. Though the severity of a brain injury may be minor and not have any lingering aftereffects, other times it can dramatically change the life of the person facing it.

March is brain injury awareness month but TBIs occur year round

Readers may not be aware that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. While the sometimes serious injury is being highlighted this month, people throughout the nation, including those who reside in the state of Alabama, suffer brain injuries every month of the year. These injuries can seriously impact the life of the person suffering them as well as their caretakers.

Study finds headaches alone not indicative of major brain injury

No one is immune to brain injuries. They affect individuals from all backgrounds and of all ages. While it is of course tragic when anyone suffers serious repercussions as a result of the injury, this is particularly true when it is a child who is suffering. Diagnosing the injury in a timely manner could have a bearing on the treatment received and correspondingly the outcome.

What do I do if insurance stops paying injury benefits?

Is there anyone who doubts that insurance protection is a good thing to have? State governments consider it so important to help meet the cost of likely medical care for someone injured in a motor vehicle accident that most of them mandate minimum coverage amounts.

Sedative drug has opposite effect on brain injured man

Man has spent thousands of years studying the human body. We've pretty well nailed down the various parts. We even have a fairly solid idea about how the various systems -- respiratory, circulatory and nervous -- function to keep things working. But the full picture about how the brain works continues to be a little blurry.

Could brain injury concern spell the end of high school football?

Traumatic brain injuries are serious. There are so many things that can cause them and their effects can be life altering for the victims and their families. This is something of which any attorney with experience in personal injury law is well aware.

Are Alabama brain injuries common?

In Alabama, 10,000 people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year for a number of reasons. The injuries could be related to sports, car accidents or medical trauma. Of the people who are injured, it's reported that 500 die and 1,500 become disabled from those brain injuries.

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