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Will black boxes change the face of car accident litigation?

Although certain driving behaviors may raise a presumption of fault, a plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit must still prove negligence by a preponderance of the evidence. Launching an aggressive lawsuit that requires accident reconstruction, eyewitness testimony, and even expert testimony may be the last thing that a surviving loved one wants to face. Fortunately, technology may soon be able to help.

Are driving safety shortcuts a milder form of road rage?

A recent hit-and-run collision made news because of a car driver’s intentional targeting of a motorcyclist and his passenger. Officials have taken the driver into custody and charged him with several offenses, including an aggravated battery charge that was subsequently elevated to two counts of attempted murder.

What are Alabama's distracted driving laws?

Alabama does have a couple of crucial laws on the books to discourage young drivers from using cellphones, while also discouraging all drivers from texting while driving. But before we get into those laws, let's first talk about the phrase "distracted driving."

Drive Safe Alabama releases top 10 safe driving tips

With summer comes road trips: family vacations, friends headed to concerts, fans going to the racetrack and countless trips to the beach. Whether your road trip takes you far from home or just to the next city, there are simple steps you can follow to make the trip safer.

Alabama safety initiative sets up new traffic checkpoints

Readers may be familiar with drunk driving checkpoints, but Huntsville, Alabama police officials recently added a new spin to this approach by setting up traffic safety checkpoints. Officials analyzed data to identify heavy crash locations, and then set up police in those designated areas. If an individual is stopped at one of these checkpoints, he or she should be prepared to present a driver’s license, vehicle tag registrations and proof of insurance.

Can a settlement be a good outcome in a car accident lawsuit?

In last week’s post, we discussed how some lawmakers are considering punishments for distracted driving that are comparable to drunk driving laws.  A recent settlement illustrates that the court system may look just as unkindly on distracted drivers and the injuries they may inflict.

Is texting behind the wheel the new drunk driving?

Would you get into a car with a drunk driver? Societal attitudes about drinking and driving generally discourage such behavior. The attitude may be a reflection of both the tough enforcement of drunk driving offenses by authorities, as well as public awareness of the serious or even fatal injuries that can result from a drunk driving crash. 

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