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Federal ruling makes it easer to bring nursing home abuse claims

The federal government recently entered the fight against nursing home neglect and abuse. Specifically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an agency of the Health and Human Services Department, issued a rule against arbitrating these claims. Any nursing home that receives Medicare and Medicaid funding will be subject to the rule. The agency oversees around $1 trillion in federal funds.

Are preventable injuries a danger to nursing home residents?

Are you confident that your loved ones are getting the care they deserve in a nursing home? A recent story may raise concerns. Although the article specifically profiled rehabilitation hospitals, a clear analogy can be drawn to elderly residents who may not have the health to voice their concerns or protect their rights.

Nursing home abuse may take the form of middle school bullying

Most of us would probably prefer not to revisit our middle school experience, where social pressure and bullying were the laws of the land and popularity was perhaps the most precious commodity. According to a recent story, however, elderly residents of assisted living or nursing home facilities may be subject to this same environment, at a potential risk to their safety.

What laws apply to claims of nursing home neglect or abuse?

The staff obligations at a nursing home or assisted care facility are greater than at an apartment complex or other residential facility. Due to the special needs of elderly residents, a nursing home should be staffed with professionals who are able to provide adequate supervision and medical care. The failure to have these resources on hand could give rise to a negligence claim.

Are nursing homes negligent in their medication procedures?

Residents of assisted living or nursing home facilities may require oversight in the medications they take. Some facilities may also have in-house medical staff members that prescribe medications. Yet given the complexities of the modern pharmaceutical industry, are enough safety protocols in place to protect residents from potentially harmful medication interactions? 

Could wearable technology prevent nursing home neglect?

When it comes to using technology to improve patient safety, electronic health records may be only the beginning. According to a recent article, devices worn by patients, or wearable technology, might also be used to transmit vital data to health care professionals. As technology improves, wearing such devices also becomes less intrusive. 

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