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Longer observation times lead to few CT scans for children

Alabama readers might take an interest in a study published Aug. 2, 2013 in Annals of Emergency Medicine. The results of the study revealed that the longer a child remains under observation in the emergency department for minor blunt head trauma, the likelihood that the child will require a CT scan decreases.

Head injuries may cause an increase in the risk of stroke

Alabama residents who have suffered a stroke may be interested to learn that individuals who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries are more likely to suffer from a stroke. Researchers in Taiwan discovered an association between the two brain injuries after searching through hospital records in 2011.

Concussions cause long-term damage to brain

Alabama residents who have sustained head trauma or who work in risky professions may be interested in a new study from New York University's Langone School of Medicine, which has found that even mild traumatic brain injuries, such as those suffered in a concussion, can result in long-term structural damage to the brain. Approximately 1.7 million people each year suffer a traumatic brain injuries, about 75 percent of which are classified as mild. These injuries can occur due to a blow to the head or during an accident in which the victim experiences whiplash. The study examined 28 patients with mild traumatic brain injury along with a control group of 22 people. Some of the participants were subjected to an MRI one or two months after injury and then again one year later. Even after a year, researchers found measurable differences in brain volume and damage to certain regions in the brain when victims of brain injury were compared to the control group.

Children particularly vulnerable to head injuries

In the wake of recent controversy over traumatic head injuries sustained by NFL players and a Harvard statistic indicating that professional football players' lives are, on average, 20 years shorter than that of average males, all manner of sports have come under close scrutiny for their injury potential. While many Alabama children are encouraged to participate in youth sports, the possibility of a brain injuries is even greater for them than it is for grown adults. The chair of the Alabama Statewide Sports Concussion Taskforce, or ASSCT, notes that young, undeveloped brains are particularly susceptible to injury, and the younger the brain, the more recovery time that is needed to recover from trauma. This much-needed recovery, however, conflicts with the child's need to keep up with learning in school; a two- or four-week recovery period could put a child behind in school.

Study: Mild head injuries can cause serious damage

Football is one of the most popular pastimes in Alabama, but scientific research is increasingly drawing a link between the sport and traumatic brain injuries. Specifically, researchers say that repeated mild trauma to the head, which is common in football and other high-contact sports, can result in chronic brain disease.

Brain injuries common after accidents

October is official National Brain Injury Awareness Month and provides a good opportunity to take a moment to better understand brain injuries and how those with brain injuries are impacted. Each year an estimated 1.7 million Americans are impacted by a brain injuries. Of these, approximately 52,000 will die.

Doctors hopeful of new treatment for brain injuries

Accidents that result in brain injuries can have severe and long-lasting effects. Serious brain injuries can render those they affect unable to walk, talk or perform everyday tasks. Even less serious brain injuries can impact an individual's memory and personality.

Man with brain injury files lawsuit

Individuals living with brain injuries have many challenges to overcome. Severe brain injuries can leave individuals unable to walk, talk or perform basic physical tasks. Even less serious brain injuries, however, can greatly impact an individual's health and well being. Often misunderstood and marginalized, they are forced to deal with not only physical limitations, but also changes to their personality which greatly impact their lives and personal relationships.

NFL faces lawsuits related to brain injuries

Few would argue that football, especially when played at a professional level, is a high-contact sport that can result in a number of serious injuries. While the bodies of professional athletes are conditioned to perform and endure extreme physical activity, many also tend to suffer repeated hits that result in multiple concussions. Today, questions are being raised in a lawsuit related to the long-term consequences of head and brain injuries.

20-year-old girl works with parents to recover from brain injury

Bill was just finishing his dinner one evening when he received the phone call every parent dreads. When he answered the phone, a voice at the other end asked if he was Andrea's dad. When he confirmed that he was, the voice on the phone said that Andrea had been in a car accident and was in the hospital.

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