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Do lower gas prices have a bearing on frequency of car accidents?

Over the course of the last couple months, people throughout the United States have rejoiced at paying lower gas prices at the pump. While many may be grateful to have more money available to spend on other things, a study conducted regarding the impact of cheaper gasoline found that there is could be a downside as well. There appears to be a correlation between the amount of money paid for gas and the number of car accidents that occur.

Factors that contribute to rollover accidents

It is fair to say that no one wants to be involved in a car accident. When they do occur, there are certain types that are more dangerous than others. For example, rollover accidents can result in devastating injuries. In addition to broken bones and bruises, spinal and brain injuries could occur. In the worst situations someone could even die. There are multiple factors that could contribute to a rollover accident occurring. 

Monitoring tools increase safety for teen drivers

Thanks to new advances in technology, parents in Alabama are now able to monitor their children's driving. One of the leading causes of death for teenagers is car accidents, so it is no wonder that parents worry about their children's safety when they are on the road. However, dashboard cameras and geographic monitoring are allowing parents to keep track of their teen's behaviors behind the wheel.

Seat belts not used in 59 percent of fatal car crashes in Alabama

According to a recent report released by the Alabama Department of Transportation, 59 percent of the people who were killed during car accidents were not wearing seat belts at the time the accidents occurred. The report is based on preliminary data collected by Alabama State Troopers during 2012.

Kent State student dies in car crash

A 23-year-old Kent State senior from Parma was killed when he was ejected from an SUV according to police sources. The truck accident occurred on Interstate 65 when a semi truck driven by an Ashville, Alabama, man collided with the SUV in which the student was a passenger. Four other young men were in the SUV at the time, and the 22-year-old driver, along with the other passengers, was taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries. There was no word as to their conditions or whether any of them were admitted for injuries. The group was said to be traveling home from a Florida vacation at the time of the crash. The truck driver was not injured.

3-vehicle crash in Huntsville seriously injures two

A recent collision involving three vehicles in Huntsville seriously injured two individuals and trapped one driver inside his Chevy S10 truck. It took nearly 30 minutes for respondents to extricate the man from his vehicle, which was hanging off the Memorial Parkway overpass following the car accident. According to authorities, the wreck occurred when the man drove the wrong way on the stretch of the Parkway near Sparkman Drive and hit a Volkswagen Passat, sending it into a barrier. The truck then collided with a Mazda RX-7, coming to rest on the car's hood while the back end of the truck dangled over the Parkway. The driver of the Passat reportedly sustained minor injuries, and the truck driver as well as the individual driving the Mazda are both reported to be in serious condition at Huntsville Hospital. 

Alabama's traffic fatalities higher than national average

According to the latest data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speed is the number one contributing factor of fatal car accidents in Alabama, which typically leads the nation in traffic fatalities, and the current statistics do not buck that trend. Alabama's 2010 1.34 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled fatality rate is higher than the nation's 1.11 average. Speed was a factor regardless of the type of roads traveled, though more fatal crashes did occur in rural areas, where speed is often combined with alcohol use and emergency response times can be slower. But even in accidents that occur on highways, the fatality rate is increased. In Shelby and Jefferson counties, 43 crashes caused 47 traffic fatalities on the most used highways. These accidents include single-vehicle accidents, multi vehicle accidents and accidents that involved vehicles and pedestrians. 

Alabama man charged with hit-and-run

A 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with leaving an accident with injuries in connection with a crash that injured a pedestrian. The car accident occurred on Fortner Street in Dothan, Alabama, when the driver struck a man who was standing on the right-of-way. The pick-up truck fled the scene as the victim lay on the ground. According to authorities, the pedestrian suffered multiple injuries; no information has yet been released on the extent of the physical trauma. The suspect is being held on a $2,500 bond. There is also no word from authorities on how they tracked down the suspect, but they did state that they had a description of the vehicle before they made the arrest.

Car crashes associated with staggering costs

Recent statistics indicate that Alabama has one of the highest numbers of car crash deaths per year when compared to the other states. One of the most common causes of car accidents is distracted driving, which includes texting while driving, an activity that has been shown to increase the chances of being in a car accident by 2,300 percent. The costs of car wrecks are high: From an emotional perspective, collisions can cost people their friends and family. Teens are especially at risk for collisions, with car accidents being the leading cause of death among teenagers. 16-year-old drivers have been shown to have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age. Two of three teens who are involved in a car accident are male. 

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