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Can technology prove distracted driving allegations?

In a personal injury trial, demonstrating how another driver's actions violated applicable traffic rules or conditions might raise a presumption of negligence. Additional evidence of impairment, such as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, might serve to strengthen that presumption. According to a recent article, distracted driving victims might soon have another investigative tool in their arsenal: the "Textalyser ."

Can technology shield a negligent driver from liability?

Technology features are helping drivers to behave more responsibly on the road. Automatic braking features can fill in the gaps left by a driver’s faulty braking decisions, and even artificial intelligence systems may help achieve better driving records. 

Are there real dangers associated with daylight saving time?

According to studies of car accidents, work accidents and sleep deprivation, the answer is "yes." While not everyone may believe that losing one hour of sleep is enough to cause serious problems, research shows that some accidents do spike during the week of daylight saving time in March.

Are police officers beyond the reach of a wrongful death claim?

No one should be beyond the reach of the law if his or her negligent actions resulted in the injury or death of another. Our personal injury and wrongful death law firm takes this mission to heart, as a recent case victory against a former Alabama police officer illustrates. 

Can cellular data help to settle a wrongful death lawsuit?

The recent television dramatization of the O.J. Simpson trial is an important reminder that an individual may face both criminal and civil liability for alleged wrongdoing. An Alabama man accused of drunk driving is learning this hard lesson firsthand. 

Can technology overcome driver negligence in rear-end crashes?

Technology appears to be both a blessing and a curse to Alabama drivers. Handheld devices have proven to be a tempting distraction behind the wheel, prompting lawmakers to pass laws banning such technology-related behaviors as laws texting and driving. On the other hand, a new study indicates that technology may also be helping to lower the amount of rear-end crashes across the country.

Are cell phones causing a spike in traffic deaths?

A recent statistic bears some bad news: Traffic deaths in the United States rose over nine percent in the first three quarters of last year. The cause was not specifically identified. Given the ubiquitous nature of cell phones, however, it may be a smart bet to assume they played a role. 

Is texting or using a cell phone while driving against the law?

According to data maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted drivers take the lives of at least 9 Americans and injure over 1,153 more every single day. Such statistics may be one reason that over two-thirds of drivers agree that distraction is a serious safety issue on America’s roads and highways.

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