Court hears case of $91.5 million nursing home verdict

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Family members of Alabama nursing home residents are often concerned that their relatives may be victims of abuse or neglect. Seeing cases such as the recently decided nursing home neglect lawsuit that resulted in a $91.5 million verdict only heightens these fears. The case is currently headed to the West Virginia Supreme Court for review.

The case was filed by a son who alleged that a nursing home failed to provide the requisite standard of care to his mother, who apparently died of dehydration in 2010. The nursing home denied his claim, stating this his 87-year-old mother died of dementia after being transferred to a hospice care facility 18 days before her death. However, the jury agreed with the plaintiff, awarding him $91.5 million in damages and holding the home responsible for medical negligence as well as violations of the Nursing Home Act.

The verdict consisted of $11 million in actual damages and $80 million in punitive compensation for the home’s alleged neglect in the care of their patient. The judge determined that the verdict must be capped at $90.5 million. The latest hearing is based on an appeal by the nursing home against the verdict.

Victims who have suffered injuries from nursing home abuse or neglect may be able to recover damages for their physical and emotional trauma. In order to accomplish this, many victims or their families consult personal injury attorneys who may be able to help them recover these monetary payments for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other costs.

Source: The State Journal, “$90.5 million verdict to head to WV Supreme Court,” Andrea Lannon, April 15, 2013

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