Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

We Seek Justice For Nursing Home Abuse Victims

If you believe that your elderly relative or loved one has suffered serious abuse or neglect of care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important that you take immediate action by contacting a lawyer. Often, where there is one victim of neglect, more are found because there are patterns of elder abuse or neglect at many facilities. The history of violations of state and federal law needs to be thoroughly investigated.

The attorneys at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., in Birmingham are experienced with nursing home cases, and we aggressively pursue all forms of nursing home negligence. Contact our firm to discuss your legal options when your loved one has suffered or died due to nursing home abuse and neglect.

Uncovering The Signs And Symptoms Of Neglect

Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect can be hidden under a bed of excuses about the health of the elderly or even budgetary constraints. However, at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., we believe no excuse is sufficient when it means a loved one is mistreated through neglect or abuse. Regardless of how well-disguised, our elder abuse lawyers recognize the patterns and practices of nursing home neglect, including:

  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Pressure sores or bedsores
  • Fractures or falls
  • Infections
  • Burns
  • Assaults (physical and sexual)
  • Medical errors or negligence

Because of the depth of resources available at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., our compassionate attorneys are prepared to investigate allegations of nursing home abuse to determine if a lawsuit needs to be brought against the facility.

Proving Elder Abuse Claims With Technology

When it comes time to take a nursing home case to trial, the attorneys at this firm recognize the powerful impact visual evidence can have at trial or mediation. At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., attorneys use visual presentation software such as “Sanction” and “Case Map” to help juries understand the case. Our ability to use illustrations, photos, graphs and timelines to explain complicated concepts and confusing chains of events is a powerful tool in the courtroom.

If you have reason to believe your parent or relative may have suffered nursing home abuse, contact our firm to schedule an appointment with the Alabama law firm that will put their experienced team and technology to work for you.