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The USDA warns of dangers of recalled ground beef

A recent recall of ground beef produced by JBS Tolleson, Inc., just got bigger. The recall began in October, but the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) now urges consumers to check any ground beef in their freezers to see whether it is part of the recall.

In Alabama, the potentially tainted beef was sold at Sam's Club, Kroger, Sprouts and Winn-Dixie. The USDA says, however, that this may not be a complete list of retailers. You should, therefore, check any frozen ground beef you have for the following information on the package:

  • EST. 267 inside the USDA inspection mark (although it may appear in other places)
  • Package dates from July 26 - September 7, 2018

Will anything stop teens from texting while driving?

Distracted driving is a serious health issue. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 9 people die in distracted driving accidents every day. An additional 1,000 people suffer injuries each day because of distracted drivers.

Who are the biggest offenders? Teens, especially older teens. The Journal of Adolescent Health recently highlighted the extent of the problem by showing the results of a study of over 100,000 teen drivers. The study shows that 38 percent of teen drivers admit to texting and driving.

The dangers of pediatric concussions

For decades, most people assumed that concussions were not a dangerous medical condition. In recent years, however, doctors and researchers who study concussions determined that we should take them more seriously.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidelines in September 2018 regarding concussions: specifically, concussions that occur in children. Two physicians who commented on the issue noted that concussions are a serious medical condition that can result in “persistent physical, neuropsychiatric, and cognitive symptoms” that can negatively affect a child’s life.

Are my children’s Christmas presents dangerous?

When you buy your child a Christmas present, your top priority is finding something that makes them happy. You have every reason to believe that if something is on the shelf, it is already safe.

Unfortunately, many toys that seem non-threatening can pose a danger to children. It’s strange to think that in 2018 in the United States, manufacturers can sell toys that are so risky, but it happens more often than consumers would think.

How to safely share the road with semi-trailers

According to AAA, thousands of people die each year in accidents with large vehicles like semi-trailers, buses and emergency vehicles. Unfortunately, you likely drive next to large vehicles like these every day. Accidents can have a variety of causes, including negligent actions by the truck drivers. Because these kinds of accidents can be so catastrophic, you will want to learn more about semis.

Semi-trailers have large blind spots

Avoiding drowsy driving as a college student

It's perfectly understandable to be tired after pulling an all-nighter writing papers and cramming for exams. At this point, it may feel like sleep deprivation is just part of your life as a student, but if you drive, this lack of sleep is also increasing your risk of being in a car accident.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, being awake for 18 hours will have the same effect on your body as having a .08 percent blood alcohol concentration. It's also important to note that 55 percent of drowsy driving crashes are caused by drivers who are younger than 25 years old.

Parents Can Encourage Safe Driving Practices

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage that most teenagers look forward to. A license gives teens freedom, a sense of power and ease to do things for themselves. As a parent, you have mixed emotions about your child getting their license. You know they’ve studied driving rules and have practiced behind the wheel. It will be convenient for you when they can drive to their own activities at school.

But you also worry about them. Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. You want to do everything you can to ensure that your child is as safe as possible when they are in the driver’s seat.

Woman awarded nearly $9 million in childbirth suit

In the last decade, the U.S. has seen an increase in midwife deliveries. Several studies have found that midwife-involved births see fewer malpractice claims. While a majority of midwives are certified through nursing school, others have no formal medical training at all.

Symptoms of a brain injury may be delayed after an accident

Immediately following a car accident in Alabama, every person involved in the collision should seek medical attention to check for injuries. The reality is, sometimes symptoms and signs of an injury don't appear immediately after an accident, so it is important to watch for delayed signs in the aftermath of an accident.

Even serious injuries may not show symptoms until hours or days after an accident, particularly in the case of internal injuries such as bleeding or brain injuries. In the case of traumatic brain injuries, it's important to watch for increased prevalence of certain symptoms after an accident in case an injury originally went unnoticed.

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