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Drunk walking carries dangers of its own

It is common knowledge that driving while intoxicated is both extremely dangerous and a serious crime. A DUI can cost you your license, freedom and a good chunk of your bank account. What may be surprising is that walking while intoxicated can also be a serious risk to your safety and may even land you in jail.

According to a 2016 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 2000 people – or one third of all pedestrians killed in accidents that year – were intoxicated at the time of the accident. These numbers are too high to not pay attention to.

Potty training seat recall and lawsuit for Target corporation

Children are at a high risk for serious injuries whenever a children’s manufacturer releases a defective product. No parent wants to ever see their child suffer at the hands of a toy or item they bought specifically for their child’s use. Safety testing and evaluation is expected before landing on the shelves of the local Target.

Unfortunately, a potty training item sold by Target corporation has been in the spotlight of a nation-wide recall. Multiple sets of parents were outraged when they purchased the item only to discover that it was causing cuts to their child’s genital area. Parents have testified before the court as to the serious damage caused and the inconsistent recall of the item.

Outside workers: know the risk of heat exhaustion

Alabama residents are used to the high heat by now. In the summer, temperatures hover around ninety degrees and can soar to nearly a hundred degrees every so often.

With hot conditions, occupational heat exposure may spike. Workers and employers need to be aware of the hazards from heat and sun.

Reduce the chances of a ruined road trip

There’s nothing like being out on the open road with friends or family. Road trips are practically a young adult’s rite of passage in America. Summer is the perfect time to see new sights and bond with each other.

However, it’s not enough to hop in the car and drive. Birmingham drivers need to understand the hazards and temptations they may encounter on their journey.

Feeling patriotic? Drunk driving crashes rise on the 4th

Independence Day is coming up soon as Birmingham residents plan vacations, parties and other festivities. Many families and friends will also celebrate their freedom to drink alcohol as part of the holiday.

Between beer at the barbeque and cocktails beneath the fireworks, there will surely be plenty of drinks to go around. Unfortunately, not every proud citizen uses this freedom responsibly.

In Alabama hospitals, patient consent must come first

Medical procedures may be invasive, but medical providers never should be. There is a vital difference between getting the medical care you want and need versus the medical care your doctor believes you should have. The doctor doesn’t always know best.

In fact, medical providers and institutions must obey informed consent laws to protect your rights as a patient. This means that you need to know exactly what’s happening with your body as well as your treatment choices to make the best decisions for your health.

FDA adds warning to teething products

Teething is a painful process that is difficult for children and parents alike. Using a gel that goes on a child’s gums seems like an easy solution. However, we are learning more about the potential dangers of these products.

Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about a dangerous ingredient found in oral teething products. The FDA says that the ingredient benzocaine is too dangerous to use for children under two years, including infants.

Construction workers deserve safety and protective measures

In May, OSHA fined Alabama company All Power Construction Corp for the death of a temporary worker who was installing sewer lines. When the trench he was working in collapsed, he suffered fatal injuries.

This incident should have been prevented by having proper safety measures in place. OSHA cited All Power Construction Corp for failing to safely secure workers’ means of exiting and entering the trench, and failing to have a knowledgeable person inspect the trench for safety issues. 

Verdict Against Birmingham Daycare

A Jefferson County jury today awarded more than $30 million to a young boy who was badly hurt while he rested at a Birmingham daycare, Resurrection of Life, Inc. Marsh Rickard & Bryan attorneys David Marsh and Dylan Marsh tried the case for the little boy, Christian Dailey, and his parents Mark and Valerie Dailey.

Summer vacation is a treacherous time for teen drivers

You have watched your child grow from a completely dependent infant into the adventurous teen they are today. Now, they are ready to take on the world. You, however, still have some lingering apprehension.

The newfound freedom of a driver’s license might not make it any easier for parents to let go. Alabama roads are full of risks, especially during the summer months. The National Safety Council refers to June through August as the “100 deadliest days” for teens. While they are celebrating vacation and working at summer jobs, parents can take an active role in their safety.

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