Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

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Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

Protecting You When The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith toward their insured. This means insurance companies are obligated to pay for claims covered by policies. When an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim, or even fails to investigate the claim in a timely and proper manner, the conduct can be considered bad faith.

At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, in Birmingham, Alabama, our experienced lawyers represent insured individuals throughout the state, protecting their rights in insurance matters. If you have suffered a loss and were treated unfairly by your insurance company, contact our firm to discuss your legal options.

Holding Insurance Companies To Account

As a firm known for its success in litigation matters, Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, works to hold insurance companies accountable for bad faith and fraudulent actions. Representing both individuals and small businesses, we pursue claims arising under a comprehensive list of policy types, including:

  • Homeowner
  • Automobile
  • Medical
  • Health
  • Disability
  • Commercial general liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Errors and omissions/professional liability

Our experienced attorneys handle negotiations and litigation when insurance companies have denied claims, delayed paying claims or provided unfair settlements of claims. We have been particularly active in bringing claims against Unum-Provident on behalf of physicians who were denied disability insurance coverage.

If you or your business has been negatively impacted by insurance fraud or bad faith, trust the trial attorneys at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, to fight for you. Contact our firm to put our experienced team and technology to work for you.

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