Personal Injury

You Need Compensation After A Serious Injury

If you have suffered a catastrophic brain injury, spinal cord injury or other severe trauma due to the negligence of another, it is likely that you have a long, costly road of recovery to travel. To aid with the costs for medical treatment and damages, you may consider bringing a legal claim against the negligent party.

Since 1996, the Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., have been devoted to protecting the rights of the survivors of catastrophic injury and the victims of wrongful death. To discuss your case with a Jefferson County accident injury lawyer, please contact our law firm.

Covering Your Long-Term Care Expenses

Often, insurance companies offer settlements that cover the medical costs you have incurred in the acute period of your injury. They may not, however, offer settlements that truly take into account the long-term care costs for extra help, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, home health care, modifications to your home, nursing care and lost wages that may affect you for the rest of your life.

At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., our Birmingham personal injury lawyers understand the true economic costs of serious and catastrophic injuries and are able to drive them home to a jury. Our legal team works hard to represent individuals and their families who suffer many types of catastrophic injuries as a result of:

Our firm also represents clients who have fallen victim to acts of insurance fraud and insurance bad faith.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology To Present Your Case

As standard practice, our lawyers use cutting-edge visual presentation methods to help juries understand how devastating head trauma or spinal cord injuries, for example, can be. Our lawyers’ ability to use illustrations, photos, graphs and timelines to plainly explain complicated concepts and confusing chain of events in cases where clients have suffered traumatic injuries is a powerful tool in the courtroom.

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If you or a loved one has been a victim of a burn, spinal cord, brain injury or other catastrophic injury, the Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., can help you to receive compensation for your costs and suffering. Contact our firm to schedule an appointment. We will put our experienced team of trial attorneys to work for you.