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Business Litigation

Protecting Your Interests In Business And Commercial Litigation

Routine corporate or commercial work, such as debt collection and standard transactions, can be handled by a corporate law office. But when a major business deal falls apart and significant commercial litigation looms on the horizon, it may be prudent to work with trial attorneys experienced with business litigation – attorneys possessing a solid record of success.

With offices in Birmingham, the trial attorneys at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, offer business clients the experience, skill and passion they regularly bring to personal injury cases. Contact our firm to discuss how we can help you resolve your business litigation matters.

Specialized High-Risk Commercial Litigation

Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, is recognized as a firm with a long history of success in commercial and other civil litigation matters. Our experienced team of attorneys and staff has represented clients in business disputes such as:

  • Equipment owners in disputes with vendors
  • Commission disputes involving sales professionals
  • Minority shareholders in oppression and squeeze-out cases
  • Commercial insurers in a coverage dispute
  • A small drug company in a failed merger against a larger drug company
  • A licensing dispute involving a satellite broadcasting company
  • A software development company in a deal gone bad

Benefits From Technology

Advanced technology is extremely useful during litigation. By using visual presentation methods such as “Sanction” and “Case Map” in trial proceedings, the business litigation attorneys at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, are able to fortify their cases with illustrations, photos, graphs and timelines. This can help juries understand the complicated concepts and confusing chains of events of commercial transaction disputes.

Contact our firm to speak with a member of our legal team about your legal options when facing commercial litigation.

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We have a team of courtroom lawyers with a proven track record to help you tell your story. And we have the resources, the experience and the reputation to make sure you’re heard.


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