Negligent Hiring & Training Supervision

The Trucking Company May Be Liable For Your Injuries

If you were struck by a semi-truck whose driver was negligent; fatigued; or driving under the influence of stimulants, alcohol or narcotics, then you should know that there are laws that are meant to prevent such drivers from ever taking control of a dangerous vehicle in the first place. When they do, it is evidence that their employer was negligent in the hiring, training and supervision of employees.

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Negligent Hiring And Training

It is the duty of the employer to make sure that each truck driver employed by the company is fit to handle the responsibility of driving such a large and dangerous vehicle. The hiring process should involve thorough checks on a prospective employee’s employment and driving history; it may involve a check for prior convictions.

Failing to conduct those background checks or disregarding their results may constitute hiring negligence. If the employer later notices that the employee has, for example, an obvious drug problem or a tendency to lie in his or her logbook about how many consecutive hours were spent driving, then that may constitute negligence in supervision.

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