Wrongful Death

We’re On Your Family’s Side In Wrongful Death Claims

When you lose a family member to a fatal accident or to medical malpractice, you may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death is the legal term describing a situation where a person dies as a result of the negligence of another person. By filing a legal claim against the negligent party, a grieving family holds accountable the corporation or person responsible for their loved one’s death.

At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., in Birmingham, our accomplished wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of the deceased’s loved ones. Contact our firm to discuss your legal options with a skillful member of our team.

Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

Alabama’s wrongful death statute is unique: the goal is not to compensate survivors, but rather punish the wrongdoers. At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., we have the resources to investigate the circumstances of the fatality, preserve the necessary evidence and identify the responsible parties when wrongful death results from:

When a person’s death is attributable to the wrongdoing of others, it is natural for the family to experience significant grief and even anger. During the emotional times, it can be difficult to consider legal options and strategies for holding negligent parties accountable for your loss. Choose our experienced attorneys to fully handle the details for you.

Using Technology To Prove Negligence

In wrongful death cases, the attorneys at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., use trial presentation software such as “Sanction” and “Case Map” to help juries understand the causes of fatal accidents and to identify the responsible party. Our ability to use illustrations, photos, graphs and timelines to clearly explain complicated concepts and confusing chains of events is a powerful tool in the courtroom.

Whether the fatal accident was due to a car crash or other negligence, the lawyers at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., believe in providing compassionate support to the survivors of a wrongful death. We take over the job of finding out why a loved one died so you are given time to spend grieving the loss. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.