Alabama woman faces elderly neglect and abuse charges

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An Alabama Department of Human Resources worker was arrested and sent to Mobile Metro Jail on May 21st for the abuse and neglect of an elderly man who was in her care. The victim was the woman’s 63-year-old disabled brother, who was reportedly found injured and suffering from malnutrition. The case is ongoing as new evidence is being compiled on the man and his caretaker.

The woman was arrested at her Alabama DHR workplace a week after a family member called the Mobile police when she found the abused man. The worker reportedly blocked officers from entering the house until they threatened her with arrest. The physically and mentally challenged man was reported to be underfed, with visible bedsores from the woman’s negligent care.

The accused faces charges of elderly abuse and neglect. It is unknown whether she was put on administrative leave or will be terminated from her job. The Department of Human Resources has reported an internal investigation will be conducted at their Montgomery location. The woman was scheduled for a bond hearing on May 23rd. The disabled man is recovering in a local hospital.

Elder neglect is a danger for those in private care or assisted living facilities. The elderly and the disabled, such as in this case, may not be able to vocalize their abuse. If you feel that your loved one is suffering from negligence, it is important to find a skilled attorney in your area. Legal representatives may be able to thoroughly investigate the case. Your lawyer could be capable of bringing evidence to court in order to seek the proper compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering.

Source: Fox10 TV, “Family speaks on DHR worker”, Chasity Byrd and Paige Malone, May 22, 2013

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