Don’t let your teen drive and Snapchat

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Car Accidents

The Snapchat speed filter has been blamed for causing serious and fatal car accidents. If you have teen or young adult drivers in your family, make sure you talk to them about the dangers of distracted driving, including using apps such as Snapchat.

Taking selfies or other photos while driving is dangerous enough. The Snapchat speed filter increases the risk of an accident by encouraging people to drive fast. One driver in Florida recorded a speed of 115 mph on Snapchat. Minutes later, he caused a fatal crash that killed five people.

Who’s to blame in these cases?

Drivers should know better than to take selfies and speed. Unfortunately, some people lack discretion behind the wheel. Teens and young adults, who are prone to taking more risks and making poor decisions, may be at even greater risk for using apps like the Snapchat speed filter.

Individuals can certainly be held responsible for their actions; however, Snapchat may also be partially to blame. Creating a speed filter invites people to take needless risks while driving. While Snapchat claims it “discourages our community” from using the speed filter behind the wheel, some people don’t think that’s enough.

Discussing distracted driving with your child

Just like drunk driving, drowsy driving and texting while driving, using social media while driving is extremely risky. Make sure young drivers know that the danger is real, especially if the app encourages additional risks such as speeding.

Learn about teen distracted driving so you know what to say. You may also want to remind your children that in addition to injuring themselves, they can lose their license and face criminal charges if they cause accidents that injure others.

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