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FDA issues new recall of drug device

The last thing an Alabama resident who must take or receive medication for a serious condition needs to worry about is a complication with the drug. While many people commonly think about things like side effects to medications, there are other problems that could arise as well. Some drugs, for example, must be administered intravenously and therefore the safety and effectiveness of devices used for this purpose must be watched.

Sales of toys recalled for safety continuing

Alabama parents around the state are preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday and buying cherished toys for their little ones may well be part of these preparations. When buying these items, moms and dads should be able to trust in the safety of the gifts that they are giving. Sadly, that trust may not always be warranted. Even potentially worse is the fact that parents may not know soon enough when a toy should not be trusted.

Understanding automotive recalls

Many Alabama residents have likely received notifications in the mail about recalls related to their cars, trucks or other vehicles. In several cases, all that this requires is a visit to a dealer to have the associated problems fixed at no cost to them. However, what can happen if you are not notified of a defect with your vehicle or a certain piece of safety equipment and an accident ends up happening, injuring you or a loved one? Just how do automotive recalls work?

How does the FDA regulate dietary supplements?

A report from the American Association of Liver Diseases tied one-in-five cases of chemical-induced liver damage to dietary supplements. Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs, both products face different standards. This post will explore how the FDA regulates dietary supplements and how supplement recalls work.

Dangerous designs might be to blame for toddler stroller injuries

Two products intended to provide safety to toddlers may have resulted in the opposite effect. Specifically, a recent study suggests that strollers and car carriers might actually cause traumatic brain injuries.

Does an auto recall relieve a plaintiff of the burden of proof?

Our personal injury law firm has represented many clients who where injured due to defective motor vehicles and/or components. Defective ignition systems, tire blowouts, faulty airbags and many other examples have been the subject of recalls issued by various automakers.

Danger posed by defective air bags may have been underestimated

Although many consumers enjoy shopping, few enjoy taking a product in for repairs. In the event of a product recall, the defect will be repaired free of charge. Even then, however, the scheduling might be a hassle that consumers may avoid or put off.

Could a gun accident give rise to product liability?

Gun control has been a charged political subject of late, addressed not only by candidates in the presidential race, but also in response to the tragedy of mass shootings. One of the talking points has involved an aspect of product liability law: whether gun manufacturers should have absolute immunity.

Do product liability lawsuits over car defects help the public?

Although products may not always live up to their advertising hype, consumers have a right to expect their products to be safe. When a defective design or faulty part poses a danger, consumers are often the ones who suffer the consequences. That risk is particularly great for motor vehicle defects.

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