Alabama Attorney General shares dangers of texting and driving

Luther Strange, the Attorney General of Alabama, recently toured two schools in Alabama to share the dangers of texting and driving. During his time at these schools, Attorney General Strange urged students to join him in pledging not to send or read text messages while driving. By taking the pledge, students can help directly impact the safety of the state’s roadways. Texting and driving is responsible for roughly 100,000 car accidents every year. These accidents are not just a national issue, but also have an impact here in Alabama. According to the Department of Public Safety, 10 people in the state were killed and 362 injured in accidents linked to the use of a cellphone.

The state’s attorney was completing the tour as part of his involvement in the “It Can Wait” campaign. The national campaign is taking root in Alabama and aims to increase public awareness of these dangers. AT&T, various mayors and administrators were also on hand to offer support.

Alabama texting and driving laws

Like many states in the nation, it is illegal to text, send emails and instant messages while operating a motor vehicle in Alabama. The law went into effect over the summer of 2012 and is intended to focus on safety, much like the state’s seatbelt laws. Legislatures stated that the law was not enacted to lead to numerous citations, but instead to make the state a safer place for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Although many cities in the state already had laws in place banning texting while driving, the state law removes the need for another offense to be present to justify a stop. There is no longer a requirement that the driver be guilty of another violation, such as speeding, before a stop is justified. With this new law, a police officer can pull a driver over simply for texting.

Remedies available to victims of distracted driving accidents

Remedies are available for those injured in a car crash caused by distracted driving. These remedies can include compensation intended to help cover the cost of medical and rehabilitative expenses, as well as other bills and lost wages. In order to receive this compensation, a victim must first establish that the driver is liable, or responsible, for the accident.

Liability can be supported in a number of ways. Police reports, tickets and citations can all serve to bolster a claim.

If you were injured in an accident and suspect that distracted driving may have played a role, contact an experienced Alabama car accident injury lawyer. This legal professional will be able to review your case and help get you the compensation you deserve.