Private Nursing Homes Get Failing Grades for Quality of Care

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is currently studying the relationship between the sale and purchase of nursing homes by private firms and the quality of care provided by those facilities. The study will compare quality and financial performance data of both private and public nursing homes. The study is predicted to show a decreased quality of care in the facilities owned by private firms because they traditionally may not have a background in nursing home care.

There are many things to keep in mind when selecting a nursing home facility. The first step is to research and list all the facilities in your desired location. It is best to include many potential facilities as you begin your search to keep your options open.

The second step is to contact possible locations by phone to make sure the facility does in fact offer the services wanted and meets the needs of the future resident.

The third step is to visit the locations and inquire into whether a bed is available or if a waiting list exists. After the initial visit, the fourth step is to make an appointment to meet with the administrator to set up a full facility tour of the places you are most interested in seeing.

Some of the aspects of the facility that you should consider when choosing a facility include:

  • Environment
  • Dining room
  • Available activities
  • Staff (including nurses and administrators)
  • Rules and restrictions

Another important step is to obtain reviews of each facility. You can do this by searching state and federal evaluation databases to get reviews of individual facilities or by checking with the state to find out how often complaints are filed against the facility and determine the nature of the complaints. Another way is to talk to residents and their families about the facility and their experience.

It is very important to involve the person who will ultimately reside at the facility in the decision making process. This will make the transition easier and will ensure the individual’s needs are met.

However, if your loved one is in a nursing home and you are concerned about unexplained injuries or sudden changes in behavior, it is possible that he or she could be a victim of abuse. You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights and options under the law.