We Need Your Help To Hold GE Accountable

If you purchased a GE Spacemaker or an ‘over-the-range’ GE microwave and experienced a fire hazard or were injured as a result of the filters from the ventilation system, we need your help. We are looking for examples like yours to be able to hold GE accountable for the defective design of this home appliance.

At Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C., we fight and advocate for the best interests of personal injury victims. Currently, we are investigating the case of one of our clients who suffered severe burns after using a GE Spacemaker microwave. They were injured when the microwave’s grease filter, which is made using flammable materials, dropped down onto the stove on which they were cooking.

We want to gather information around situations similar to our clients’ to demonstrate the risk the filters pose to consumers, as well as hold the company accountable.



A Potential Risk To Public Safety

Through our experience handling various claims and lawsuits involving defective products, we have seen firsthand how important it is to make sure companies take dangerous products seriously. No one should have to suffer because a company failed to identify potential safety hazards, or even worse, ignored the safety hazards, in their products’ designs. Consumers should be able to trust that devices, such as microwaves, will work as expected

In order to truly hold GE accountable and make sure that they realize the human cost behind their microwave design, we urge anyone who has faced a similar situation to come forward and share their experience. Have the microwave filters dropped out or down onto the stovetop?

Share Your Story With Us

Call 205-558-0670 or send an email in the form below to discuss the facts of your incident or accident with your GE Spacemaker microwave with us. You may be contributing to help make other families’ homes safer.