Improper Lighting

Truck Accidents Caused By Improper Lighting And Poor Vehicle Visibility

One major part of truck maintenance for those who own and operate trucking companies is to make sure that their vehicles will be easily visible at night. State and federal laws mandate that before a truck goes out to make any shipment, it must be well-inspected.

This inspection ensures that, among other things, the lights and reflectors are in working order and visible enough to ensure safe driving at night. When drivers and mechanics fail to repair defective lights and reflectors, accidents are more likely to occur and the trucking company can be held liable.

For instance, in one case we handled, a semi-truck driver was making a turn while backing up at night, and he had blocked multiple lanes of traffic. His trailer didn’t have reflectors or lights on the side, and our clients unwittingly collided with it, unable to see that there was any obstruction in the road. Serious injuries resulted, as well as major amounts of damage to their vehicle, and we were able to reach a settlement for them that compensated them fully for their injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers

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