Rules Of The Road

Holding Truckers Accountable For Not Following Rules Of The Road

Alabama’s statutes mandating safe driving behavior – the “Rules of the Road” – lay out in no uncertain terms the duties each driver must uphold to make sure our roadways stay safe. These include obeying street signs, stoplights and speed limits; signaling to indicate a lane change; and respecting the other driver’s right of way. Unless there was a mechanical failure, almost all accidents happen after one of these rules has been violated.

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Excessive Speeding And Reckless Driving

Speeding is one of the major causes of serious roadway accidents, and accident reconstruction can determine whether or not the person that struck you was driving too fast. There are a range of reasons for drivers to speed, from simple recklessness to fleeing a police officer.

In many cases, trucks are equipped with satellite tracking systems, which we can use to help determine the truck’s rate of travel. As cellphones have been proven to be more detrimental to one’s driving abilities than alcohol, we also access cellphone records to determine if a cellphone conversation led to distracted driving, recklessness and a serious accident.

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