Personal Injury

What care might someone need after a dog bite?

A dog bite can seriously impact a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, and they may need extensive treatment to help them recover. What might the treatment for a dog bite involve? Surgery A severe animal bite can do permanent damage, especially bites that impact a...

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Drownings: A highly preventable tragedy

Drowning is defined as submersion or immersion in liquid (water) resulting in respiratory impairment. While most consider drowning always to be fatal, many survive the frightening events. Nonfatal drowning can lead to brain damage and permanent disabilities. Drownings...

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What Alabama law does about dangerous dogs

A dog attack can cause serious harm, especially to children. Aggressive dogs have even been known to kill people in Birmingham. Unlike their human owners, dogs cannot be held responsible for their actions in civil court. But Alabama law does have procedures for...

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Does your child know how to meet a new dog?

For decades, parents have been teaching their children to stick out their hand and let a new dog smell it before petting the dog. While the intentions for this myth were positive, dogs have not felt the same way. During the summer, it seems like everyone is out with...

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Drowning may not look the way you imagine

As outdoor swimming season approaches, you and your children may be counting down days to get to the lake or pool and enjoy the water. Swimming can be a great way to relax and help your family get some exercise. While you may know that drowning is a risk, it is not...

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