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Is your car on the Deadliest Car list?

We all want to think that our cars are safe, but are they? A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ranked the 20 safest and deadliest cars. Perhaps not surprisingly, their study shows that smaller cars tend to be more dangerous than larger vehicles.

Small cars simply do not have structures that are sturdy enough to protect passengers in a collision. In accidents with larger vehicles, small cars almost always suffer more damage—and so do their passengers.

Two Crash Victims Win at Alabama Supreme Court

Consumer-friendly decisions from the Alabama Supreme Court have not been that common in recent years. So, we notice when Alabama's highest court comes down solidly on the side of an injured party. As they did last week when the Court affirmed substantial verdicts favoring a teen-age girl who was severely burned in a car wreck and the family of another teen-age girl who died from the injuries she sustained in the same wreck.

Marijuana use increases risk of car accidents, study finds

A number of states have legalized recreational marijuana throughout the country. Over the past three years, eight states along with Washington D.C. have enacted such laws. Like alcohol use, marijuana impairs the user.

Unfortunately, states that have attempted to deter marijuana use while driving by enacting laws that set clear limitations on the amount of marijuana allowed within the driver's system have faced criticism. Most notably, a AAA study claimed that such limitations were not based in science and could lead to prosecution of innocent drivers. 

Don’t let spoiled food spoil your Fourth of July

Cookouts and picnics are one of the best things about celebrating the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you and your guests may get sick from food poisoning.

Food served at barbecues and other outdoor parties, especially in hot weather, is at increased risk for spoiling. When it’s 90 degrees or higher, perishable food should only be left out for an hour. In lower temperatures, perishable food shouldn’t be left out for more than two hours.

Don't risk infection after a cat bite

Every cat owner has suffered a bite or bad scratch at some point. While these wounds are painful, most people don't realize just how dangerous a cat bite really is.

If a cat breaks the skin when it bites, you need to be very careful. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic confirms that the danger of infection from a cat bite is real, and that it is more common than we think: cat bites account for 10 to 15 percent of animal bite visits to the emergency room each year.

Boating accidents, alcohol and your safety

Boating on Alabama's coast, lakes and rivers is extremely popular in the summer. It does, however, come with the risk of serious injury or death. You need to know how to keep yourself and your family safe on the water.

The number of U.S. recreational boating accidents grew over the past year, according to a recent Coast Guard report. The Coast Guard's statistics show that there were 701 recreational boating deaths in 2016, which is up nearly 100 deaths from 2014.

Learn how to stay safe from the most common everyday dangers

For years, the most common cause of unintentional fatalities for all ages was car accidents. While car accidents are still a frequent cause of death (they are now number two on the list), poisoning is number one.

Why is poisoning so common?

Does your safety hinge on the company's earnings expectation?

In addition to meeting business objectives, U.S. companies also strive to meet analyst forecasts. This critical measure of the business' earnings expectation may be causing some companies to put their workers at risk.

What is this all-important benchmark? An earnings forecast is what Wall Street analysts predict will be the business' growth and profitability. Their estimate is one measurement used to value the company's stock.

Deaths of new mothers rising in the U.S.

In the U.S., pregnant women and women who have just given birth are at higher risk for injury and death than women in any developed country. Our country's annual mortality rate for pregnant women is 700 to 900, while an additional 65,000 pregnant women develop near-fatal illnesses and injuries.

What does this mean? While the rate of maternal deaths has fallen in all other wealthy nations, it has increased in the U.S. Clearly, American hospitals and doctors are not doing enough to protect women before, during and after childbirth.

Faster drug approval may lead to missing critical safety concerns

Over the last few years, consumers and pharmaceutical companies urged the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to move faster through their regulatory process. One of the risks of accelerating this process, however, is that dangers of the drugs may be overlooked or missed.

In fact, a recent study of medications that were moved through the accelerated approval process resulted in a slightly higher incidence of drugs that require additional warnings or are withdrawn from use. Other research on this subject shows similar results.

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