Boy suffers TBI and father dies in drunk driving crash

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Living with a brain injury is something no Alabama resident wants to do and certainly is one of the last things that an Alabama parent would want to see his or her child experience. Sadly, that is exactly what some people must face when accidents caused by the negligent actions and choices of others leave innocent people with these injuries.

Nearly four years ago, a then seven-year-old boy was riding peacefully in the back seat of his family’s sedan until everything changed in an instant. A drunk driver travelling at an estimated 80 miles per hour plowed into the front of the family’s car. The father was killed in the crash and the seven-year-old boy managed to survive only because his father’s seat covered him and protected him from death. Sadly, the father’s seat was not enough to prevent the boy from sustaining a traumatic brain injury and broken bones in his face and leg.

His one-year-old brother experienced minor injuries as his child safety seat did its job. The boys’ mother experienced broken bones in her pelvis, back, ribs and arm. She also had collapsed lungs. The drunk driver has since been sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter and assault. It is not known if the family pursued a civil lawsuit or not.

When tragedies like this strike, people deserve help. Talking with an attorney is one way of learning what types of help may be available.

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