Drunk driver kills elderly man

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Holiday celebrations can be a warm and wonderful way of sharing time with loved ones in Alabama. However, when those celebrations see people consume alcohol and then get in their vehicles to drive home, wonderful times can turn into tragic times for some. That is exactly what has happened for the family of a 70-year-old man in Mobile.

Just two days after Christmas, an elderly man was hit from the rear by a drunk driver. The force of the collision pushed him into other vehicles in front of his. Eventually a total of five vehicles were involved in the crash. After being taken to one hospital, the man was taken by air to a second hospital. Ten days after the accident, the man succumbed to his injuries and died.

The intoxicated driver is 40 years old and was originally arrested for driving under the influence and third degree assault. She has since been charged with manslaughter. It is not known if anyone else was injured in the wreck either in any of the other vehicles or even as pedestrians. Also unknown is the drunk driver’s blood alcohol content at the time of the crash.

People who have their holiday times marred with tragedy due to the recklessness and dangerous choices made by others deserve help. Talking with an attorney at these times might give Alabama residents a chance to find some opportunities to seek compensation that may help them as they grieve.

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