Trucker’s family awarded damages due to faulty rig

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When it comes to semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles, there are many factors that may come into play in an accident in Alabama. Some of these involve human decision-making or errors such as when truckers might text while driving or operate rigs when they are fatigued. Other factors might involve the trucks themselves.

Faulty design, manufacturing and warnings were all cited as partially responsible in the death of a truck driver. The man was driving a large logging truck in the autumn of 2013 when the logs reportedly shifted. Typically these vehicles are built with guards that should prevent such shifts. Furthermore, if shifts do occur, the truck cabs are supposed to have guards sufficient so as to protect drivers from injury.

In the case of one man, neither of those things happened. He was struck by the logs and died from the injuries he sustained. His family pursued legal recourse and have recently been awarded almost $17 million in damages. Three companies were listed as defendants in the lawsuit. It is not known what level of fault may have been assigned to the different defendants or if it was equally split.

People who suffer serious injuries or the loss of loved ones after truck accidents might find it helpful to talk with an attorney to learn if they have the option to pursue compensation and, if so, what type of compensation may actually be available to them.

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