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Many drivers do not practice safety as they preach it

Spotting a bad driver on the road is almost a daily occurrence. As you approach their vehicle, you might realize that they were texting or talking on their cellphone. This behavior is dangerous, and as users of the road, we don't want to fall victim to an accident caused by a distracted driver - but do we always practice what we preach?

Are golf cart taxis in Birmingham a good idea?

Would you want to ride a golf cart down a city street? If Birmingham passes an ordinance allowing such vehicles to operate as taxis in the city, you might get your chance. Other cities, including Tuscaloosa, already allow low-speed transportation services such as these.

2015 distracted driving statistics

Alamaba residents have no doubt been hearing more and more about the dangers of distracted driving in recent years. This is with good reason. Distraction.gov statistics indicate that over 430,000 people were hurt in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers in 2014. That same year, close to 3,200 people are said to have lost their lives to distracted drivers.

Southeast sees increase in traffic deaths

Do you ever wonder how safe you and your loved ones are on the road? If so, you're not alone. Many an Alabama resident is curious about his or her safety as well as the safety of friends and family members. Sadly, some recently released data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that Alabamans' safety is in jeopardy and so too is the safety of all Americans.

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