The surprising frequency of injury by defective children’s products

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Parents spend enormous amounts of time and energy trying to keep their children safe. Unfortunately, even the most careful parent can’t prevent all injuries. This is especially true when manufacturers create dangerous children’s products.

A recent study published on the American Academy of Pediatrics website details the most dangerous nursery products and the injuries they cause. Using 20 years of data, researchers looked at the number of children ages three and younger treated in emergency rooms for nursery product injuries. They found that the most frequent reason for nursery product-related injuries is a fall. Children most often suffer injuries to the head and neck from these incidents.

The products that cause the most injuries are:

  • Baby carriers
  • Cribs and mattresses
  • Strollers
  • Baby walkers

Any product has the potential to cause injury, however. Young children are also injured by items such as car seats, toys, clothing, teething products, bathtubs, high chairs and regular household products.

What can parents do?

Before buying children’s products, research the brands. This includes checking for recalls. It’s also important to thoroughly read the manuals for each product and register the product to receive updated safety information.

When possible, buy new products. Used cribs, car seats and other nursery products can be dangerous if they are not up to current safety standards. In addition, parents won’t know if a used item has broken or been heavily used and is wearing out.

If a child suffers an injury from a defective product of any kind, parents may want to consult a lawyer. Negligent manufacturers can be held accountable for injuries, medical bills and other losses.

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