Is your car on the Deadliest Car list?

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We all want to think that our cars are safe, but are they? A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ranked the 20 safest and deadliest cars. Perhaps not surprisingly, their study shows that smaller cars tend to be more dangerous than larger vehicles.

Small cars simply do not have structures that are sturdy enough to protect passengers in a collision. In accidents with larger vehicles, small cars almost always suffer more damage—and so do their passengers.

The IIHS study looked at the driver death rate per vehicle make and model of more than 200 vehicles. They found that minicars with four doors had the highest death rate: 87 per one million registered vehicles. By contrast, large luxury SUVs with four-wheel drive had only six fatalities per one million registered vehicles.

Is your vehicle on the list? Find out here.

Your car doesn’t need to be on the list for an accident to occur

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, of course, you may be injured if you are in an accident. Sometimes car accidents and injuries are the fault of the manufacturer. Defective brakes, tires, roofs, fuel tanks, seat belts and airbags can cause accidents or worsen the injuries passengers suffer in an accident. If you think this applies to your accident, you can seek assistance from an attorney familiar with defective vehicle cases.

If your accident was the result of any type of negligence by another party, you can pursue financial compensation from that party. Questions about your accident? Its free to speak with a lawyer. 

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