How to keep your kids safe on Halloween

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It’s time to start thinking about Halloween. Your children may have been thinking about it for weeks, but as a parent, it is good for you to do so as well. You want the holiday to be fun and safe. Read on for some easy tips on Halloween safety.

Pedestrian safety

October has the second highest rate of vehicle deaths. Consider these tips for staying safe as pedestrians on Halloween:

  • Only cross at crosswalks or corners. Look carefully for vehicles.
  • Walk on sidewalks or paths, not in the street.
  • Take younger children trick-or-treating before it is completely dark.
  • Older children trick-or-treating alone? You may be able to track their route with your smartphone.
  • As the night goes on, drivers coming home from Halloween parties may be under the influence of alcohol. Be very careful when crossing the street at later hours.

Costume safety

Kids love to dress up, and you want them to be happy with their costumes. Make certain, however, that their costumes are as safe as possible:

  • Put reflective materials on costumes for kids of all ages.
  • Face paint is safer than wearing a mask because many masks obscure vision.
  • Make sure the costume fits so your child doesn’t trip on it and fall.
  • Be careful around dogs when wearing a costume. Even a friendly dog can be scared by costumes and may bite out of fear.

Make it a great day for everyone in the family

Follow these guidelines and you and your children should have a good time on one of their favorite days of the year. 

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