Verdict Against Birmingham Daycare

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Brain Injury

A Jefferson County jury today awarded more than $30 million to a young boy who was badly hurt while he rested at a Birmingham daycare, Resurrection of Life, Inc. Marsh Rickard & Bryan attorneys David Marsh and Dylan Marsh tried the case for the little boy, Christian Dailey, and his parents Mark and Valerie Dailey.

The case dates back to a tragic event on September 25, 2015.  Christian, who was 23 months old then, was sleeping in a room with other children.  He was lying on the floor directly in front of a television set up on a dresser.  There was no daycare worker in the room when something caused the television to fall nearly four feet and land on Christian’s head.

Christian was taken to Children’s Hospital where he was treated for a skull fracture, a brain bleed and respiratory failure with hypoxia.  Christian has not, and will not, ever fully recover from the trauma to his brain.  His injuries are permanent and catastrophic.

The Resurrection of Life Inc. fell into an exception in Alabama law that allows religious-affiliated daycares to operate without typical licensing and safeguards.

David says, “I want to take this verdict down to the lawmakers in Montgomery and try to change the law so all daycares in Alabama are held to the same safe standards.  The intent of the original law with exemptions for religious-affiliated daycares was good but some corporations are abusing it today”.

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