Potty training seat recall and lawsuit for Target corporation

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Children are at a high risk for serious injuries whenever a children’s manufacturer releases a defective product. No parent wants to ever see their child suffer at the hands of a toy or item they bought specifically for their child’s use. Safety testing and evaluation is expected before landing on the shelves of the local Target.

Unfortunately, a potty training item sold by Target corporation has been in the spotlight of a nation-wide recall. Multiple sets of parents were outraged when they purchased the item only to discover that it was causing cuts to their child’s genital area. Parents have testified before the court as to the serious damage caused and the inconsistent recall of the item.

Suspecting a defective product

If you suspect a product you purchased for your child is defective, contact a lawyer right away to discuss your legal options. You should also take pictures of the damage caused to your child and the product itself. If you seek medical attention for your child, preserve those medical records and the evaluation conducted.

Make your concern known

The more you raise awareness through legal contact, social media and other outlets, the more you may find others with the same experience. You never know how many people have suspected the same thing or have had similar injuries occur because of the same product.

Sounding the alarm on product defects seeks justice for the damage caused to your child, and helps prevent further instances from happening to other parents. Injuries should not be taken lightly. The sooner you seek help, the easier it is to trace the injury to the product and seek legal rectification for the damages caused.

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