Will anything stop teens from texting while driving?

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Distracted driving is a serious health issue. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 9 people die in distracted driving accidents every day. An additional 1,000 people suffer injuries each day because of distracted drivers.

Who are the biggest offenders? Teens, especially older teens. The Journal of Adolescent Health recently highlighted the extent of the problem by showing the results of a study of over 100,000 teen drivers. The study shows that 38 percent of teen drivers admit to texting and driving.

The problem may be bigger than we think

The study only asked teen drivers about texting and using email while driving, and unfortunately, there are numerous other things they can do with their phone, including:

  • Playing music or videos
  • Using apps
  • Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media
  • Taking pictures
  • Using GPS functions
  • Talking on the phone

And while there are laws in 47 states that aim to decrease distracted driving, they are not having much of an effect on teen drivers. Even the threat of losing their driver’s license does not deter all teens from driving. In Alabama, for example, teens can get two points on their driver’s license and receive a fine for texting while driving. Accumulating 12 points can result in a license suspension of 60 days.

What if you are injured by a distracted driver?

We can’t control the actions of other drivers. But you can protect your rights if you are injured or lose a loved one in an accident caused by a distracted driver. Make sure you receive the damages you need for injuries and other losses from a distracted driving accident.

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