Watch out for these 4 types of drivers during the holidays

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Whether you are driving over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house or staying close to home this holiday, you could find yourself sharing the road with a dangerous driver.

Certain driving behaviors are more common this time of year. As such, there are four types of drivers of which you should be particularly aware in the coming weeks.

  1. Distracted drivers – During the holidays, people may be coordinating family gatherings, thinking about gifts, worrying about overspending, and going to and from school, religious and work events. This can create considerable distraction behind the wheel when people are mentally preoccupied or using a phone to talk, text or search the internet.
  2. Inexperienced drivers – Young drivers are on school vacation; senior drivers who do not usually drive are driving more places; tourists and visitors are navigating unfamiliar streets. These drivers can be unpredictable and make mistakes others might not. 
  3. Drunk drivers – Holidays often go hand-in-hand with drinking, as this article discusses. More occasions to drink, and more binge-drinking, can mean more people make the grave mistake of getting behind the wheel when they are intoxicated.
  4. Drowsy drivers – During this time of year, people wake up early, stay up late and may not sleep very well if they are in a new place or anxious. They also drive long distances when taking a road trip. Sadly, many people do not give a second thought to whether they are too tired to drive safely, increasing the number of drivers at risk of falling asleep.

Behaviors of a dangerous driver

To avoid these types of drivers, pay close attention to anyone who:

  • Swerves or drifts out of their lane
  • Drives too fast
  • Drives too slowly
  • Follows you too closely
  • Shifts lanes or turns without using a turn signal
  • Is not looking at the road

These are all signs that a driver is not safe and in danger of causing an accident.

While it may not be possible to avoid every negligent driver on the road, knowing what to look for and avoid could make it a little easier to get to your destination safely.

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