Types of nursing home abuse

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When our parents and other older loved ones are in a nursing home, we want to be sure they’re getting the care and attention they need to stay happy and safe. Unfortunately, not all older adults who are in nursing homes live there without suffering abuse.

Approximately one out of every six adults in a nursing home suffer some form of abuse. Abuse in nursing homes comes in many different shapes. Here are five common types of abuse found in nursing homes:


caretakers at a nursing home do not need to touch a resident in order to abuse them. When caretakers of a nursing home failed to provide the residents’ basic needs, the residents are suffering from abuse.

Physical abuse

some caretakers do not have the patience or compassion necessary to take care of vulnerable adults. When a caretaker’s temper runs short, they can resort to hitting or otherwise physically harming the residents of a nursing home.

Sexual abuse

some elders in a nursing home do not have the physical or mental capacity necessary to prevent someone from sexually abusing them. Caretakers who recognize this vulnerability may decide to take advantage of it.

Emotional or psychological abuse

caretakers can harm residents by saying hurtful things to them or even depriving them of things like food or other comforts. This type of abuse can result in residents becoming withdrawn and evasive around other people.

Financial abuse

when a caretaker has a close connection to a resident, they may influence the resident into providing them with money or valuables. This is a type of exploitation and a form of abuse found in nursing homes.

Stay vigilant

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, do not take their health or safety for granted. Regularly check in with them and inquire about their health often. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from abuse in their nursing home, consult with an attorney immediately.


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