After incidents, regulator warns on use of Peloton treadmill

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Defective Products

The death of a child and injuries to other youngsters has raised the alarm from a federal safety regulator regarding a popular treadmill made by New York-based Peloton. On April 17, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned people to no longer use this device – the Peloton Treat+. The company has gained widespread attention through its inventive marketing campaigns, and consumers trusted them as a result.

The federal regulator reported that children and a pet became pinned and entrapped under the treadmill’s rear roller, causing scrapes and fractures. One case involving a child proved fatal, but additional details were not available. So far, the safety commission knows of at least 39 incidents involving the treadmill.

Companies must be accountable

The CPSC understands that some adults will continue to use the device. And, if they do, the safety commission recommended taking precautionary measures such as keeping the treadmill in a locked room away from children and pets as well as unplugged when not in use.

Whenever any consumer product hits the market, its manufacturers must ensure that it is safe to the public. Thorough testing supports that safety standards are in place and no injurious or fatal incidents befall consumers. Too many times, the world hears stories about such incidents, caused by the negligence – not absentmindedness – of companies and manufacturers around the world.

The blame for consumer product tragedies such as the Peloton treadmill case lies squarely on the companies. It is their responsibility to produce a safe product. Consumers trust these companies enough to invest in their products. However, when unsuspecting and tragic incidents arise due to the use of those products, that trust is permanently broken.

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