Ride an e-bike, e-scooter or hoverboard? Watch for these common dangers

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Whether to save money, be environmentally conscious or just for a fun way to get around, more and more people are buying e-bikes, e-scooters and hoverboards. There’s no doubt that these vehicles are enjoyable to ride, but they come with their fair share of danger as well. Make sure to look out for the most common dangers you might face, so that you can decrease the chances of a potentially devastating accident.

What the statistics show

E-bikes, e-scooters and hoverboards fit into the category of micromobility products. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission released a study in September of 2021 concerning accident statistics involving micromobility products.

According to the study, the past four years have seen a 70% increase in emergency room visits for users of micromobility products. The most common injuries involve damage to the head, neck and limbs.

Not all of these accidents are the result of user error. Unfortunately, far too many of them occur when inattentive, negligent or reckless car drivers fail to exercise proper care around micromobility product riders.

Holding negligent drivers responsible

In a negligence lawsuit, courts look to see whether the injured party has adequately proved that the responsible party acted negligently. If a car hits you while you are out riding, your attorney will have to prove these elements in order to be successful.

Drivers on the road owe a legal duty to all pedestrians – including those on micromobility products – to drive in a careful and attentive manner. Your attorney will have to prove that the responsible party breached that duty by doing something unsafe – such as speeding or failing to watch out for people in the crosswalk – that you suffered an injury, and that the driver’s unsafe act was the direct cause of your injury.

You have the right to enjoy your micromobility product, and you have the right to expect a safe atmosphere free from unreasonable danger. Our justice system provides you with recourses if a negligent driver violates those rights by injuring you.

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