What are non-accident workplace injuries?

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We all want to avoid workplace injuries, but some are harder to avoid than others and can happen even without accidents. The cost of a workplace injury resulting in medical consultations and treatment can be several thousand dollars or more, but in order for you to get the workers’ compensation you deserve, you need to be able to identify a workplace injury if your injury happened without an accident. Here are a few examples of injuries that can happen on the job without any incidents:

Repetitive stress injuries

One of the most common forms of a hidden workplace injury, these injuries happen by making the same motions repeatedly. Office workers can get arthritis in their wrists from excessive typing, just as retail workers can develop back problems from standing on their feet or bending over too much.

Cancer and cardiovascular disease

The Mayo Clinic recently discussed the risks that come from a sedentary lifestyle. Among these risks, many were surprised to learn that extended periods of sitting can increase the chances of dying from heart disease and cancer.

Ear damage

Working in a loud environment for prolonged periods can have harmful consequences, even with protective gear. When sounds are above 85 decibels, such as in a construction site or a factory, the workers can suffer partial or even total hearing loss after working there for years.

Are you suffering from a non-accident injury?

The longer you work in a particular job, the more you expose yourself to the inherent dangers that can come with the job. If you have been working for a long time and have an array of ailments that you may not consider a workplace injury, consult with a doctor. They can review your condition and confirm if you are suffering from an injury that may qualify as a workplace injury. Knowing your injuries is the first step toward securing the compensation you need, so be sure not to dismiss a condition that you may have learned to deal with.

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